CSLEA Welcomes ASH Investigators, Police Officers and Communication Operator to Membership

By Jim Laughlin, CSLEA Member Services Representative

ATASCADERO – On the February 10, 2017, California Statewide Law Enforcement Association (CSLEA) Member Services Representative Chris Scrimiger and I met with newly hired police officers, investigators and Communications Operators at Atascadero State Hospital.

State Hospital Safety Employees are tasked with the protection of the mentally ill, hospital staff, visitors, and the surrounding community.

CSLEA is proud to welcome Hospital Police Officers Kari Scheller, Shawn Seitz, Trinita Lomax, Max Sanchez, Robert Barraza, Chance Gray, Richard Keasler and Communications Operator Alexis Musgrave to their new careers in public safety with the State of California.

“I thank Chris and Jim for visiting with some of our newest members to welcome them to the CSLEA family,” said CSLEA President Alan Barcelona.   “As they venture into their new careers, we want to be sure they know we stand beside and behind them and we are all just a phone call or email away.”

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