CACIbanneraffiliate news buttonWhile not as visible as uniformed police officers, the more than 425 investigators of the California Association of Criminal Investigators (CACI) are every bit as vital to the public safety of Californians and, when not on the front lines fighting criminals, they are often behind enemy lines gathering necessary intelligence to thwart illegality.

When a doctor or dentist goes bad, it is a CACI investigator working to make sure they are no longer in business. The same goes for nurses, psychiatrists, and other health-care professionals, as well as for anyone dealing in insurance and Medi-Cal claims.15541107188_fc1ddflll53bc_z

Given the high-risk jobs they perform, all CACI investigators are fully sworn peace officers, sometimes carrying a firearm into the job at hand.

CACI investigators actively combat the underground economy that costs California billions of dollars a year.  They combat labor trafficking, wage theft and child labor.  They are guardians of the public purse, making sure anything the state of California spends money on is not skimmed, scammed, or stolen. Tax cheating and other white-collar crime, as well as tampering with the lottery, fall within the purview of CACI investigators.

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