COLREbanneraffiliate news buttonThe 600 brave men and women who make up the California Organization of Licensing Registration Examiners (COLRE) are on the front lines in the battle to keep the very worst drivers off the highways and byways of the Golden State.

COLRE members face a daily barrage of verbal abuse, physical threats, assaults, and they have more than an occasional encounter with knives and guns. And none of that takes into account the daily risks we take with bad drivers in control of their anger. Collisions, curb jumping, and crashes into buildings are all part of the job.

We are the ones who say whether someone is fit to possess the state’s No. 1 document of its citizens: a California Drivers License. If you think there are bad drivers on the road now, you should see the amount of worse ones we’ve stopped from swaying into your lane.

This website serves a dual purpose of informing the COLRE family about the issues and business before it and to educate the public of the jobs we perform on behalf of its safety.

The COLRE Board of Directors:

Bernadette Gonzalez


Paul Sanchez

Vide President

Karrie Kabat

Treasurer & Region VIII Director

Dexter Vernon

Region I Director

Tim McCullough

Region II Director

Region III Director to be appointed

Silvia Benavides

Region IV Director

David Rodriguez

Region V Director

Enrique Razo

Region VI Director

Oscar Cueto

Region VII Director


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