CSLEA New Employee Orientation at Patton State Hospital

SAN BERNARDINO – On August 8, 2017, California Statewide Law Enforcement Association (CSLEA) Member Services Representative Shelley Bishop and Hospital Police Association of California (HPAC) Board Member Mike Hakker conducted a new employee orientation for seven new police officers at Patton State Hospital.

“New employee orientations are very important to us and our new members,” said CSLEA President Alan Barcelona.  “We are a very large association with 7,000 law enforcement, public safety and consumer protection professionals.  We never lose sight of our members and want to introduce ourselves to our newest members as they join the association.  This allows us to meet them individually, introduce them to their representatives, and demonstrate the dynamic force they have on their side as members of CSLEA, including six attorneys they can reach out to anytime, and our proven legal defense fund.”

CSLEA and HPAC welcome their newest members, hospital police officers at Patton State Hospital!

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