On November 3rd, 2020

Why California State Workers Support Union Membership!

Updated February 2022

  • Decades and decades of ground gained
  • By maintaining union membership, state workers take a stand against those who want to take it all away
  • CSLEA answers, “What has my union done for me?”

“There is big money being spent right now to encourage people to leave their unions, you have to ask, what is their end game?  Why are they working so hard and spending so much money to convince workers that they don’t need union representation, that they should silence their own voices?  Together, as union members, we have a big voice, these groups don’t want us to use it, they want to take away our strength as workers and weaken the middle class.” – Alan Barcelona, CSLEA President

UNITED workers stand STRONG! It’s that simple! Only united and together can workers stand up to the powerful and rich special interest groups that want to crush working people and pulverize the middle class.  There are many reasons these groups don’t want you to belong to a union, they don’t want you to be heard, they don’t want you to have:

  • a say,
  • a pension,
  • a five-day work week,
  • an eight-hour workday with breaks,
  • paid vacations and holidays,
  • benefits that keep your family healthy and your household running,
  • negotiation-ready professionals to increase your salary, represent your rights in the workplace, and hold supervisors and departments accountable.

“Unions work to negotiate better pay, benefits and working conditions, and to protect your pension,” said CSLEA President Alan Barcelona. “There’s the real answers!  This is why opposition groups are spending large amounts of money to diminish union membership throughout California and across the country.  We, as state workers, as employees, as a society working to build a strong middle class, can’t afford to let that happen.”

In 2018, the highly respected and sadly, now late Wayne Ordos, who proudly worked as CSLEA’s Political Attorney at Law, may have answered the question “Do I really need a union?” best.  In the video "MY UNION MY CHOICE" (click on image below), Wayne explained why the answer is unequivocally, yes!

As a state worker, you know that legislators make decisions that are critical to your wages, jobs, and benefits. CSLEA has a powerful presence, is well-known and well-received at the State Capitol.


Working on your behalf in 2021 – CSLEA

  • successfully maintained a $1.9 million-dollar Legal Defense Fund (LDF) that members contribute just $2.00 a month to,
  • provided immediate response to union members’ requests for LDF assistance following on-the-job critical incidents,
  • successfully obtained additional compensation for HPOs assigned to CSH deployment,
  • negotiated a side letter for Telework Expense Stipend,
  • successfully supported AB 1003 which was signed by the Governor
  • successfully sponsored AB 483 (which was signed by the Governor) to classify the Museum Security Officers at the California Science Center as peace officers.
  • successfully negotiated a 2021 side letter on DOJ Agent pay increase,
  • engaged in meet & confer process involving COVID protocols,
  • Reached an agreement with CalHR to terminate Personal Leave Program and implement General Salary Increases,
  • successfully fought for and won Out-of-Class Compensation for HPO Detectives
  • conducted site representation classes to inform members of their rights,
  • met with members in various job classifications,
  • attended Joint Labor Management meetings
  • awarded eight $1,000 scholarships to members’ children

and each of our 18 affiliates have their own success stories, reaching out and helping members with meetings to resolve issues, scholarship programs, assistance with memorial services, and orientations.

Working on your behalf in 2020 – CSLEA has

  • successfully maintained a $1.9 million-dollar Legal Defense Fund (LDF) that members contribute just $2.00 a month to,
  • provided immediate response to union members’ request for LDF assistance following on-the-job critical incidents,
  • successfully negotiated a 2020 side letter to minimize governor-mandated pay cuts,
  • successfully negotiated a reclassification for CSLB enforcement reps,
  • successfully negotiated a Special Salary Adjustment (SSA) for CDPH food & drug program specialists,
  • successfully sponsored legislation to add more Unit-7 agencies to the non-roster firearms exemption list,
  • became a member association of PORAC,
  • successfully negotiated health and safety measures for state workers during COVID-19, including DMV licensing registration examiners whose job does not allow for physical distancing.
  • Successfully represented two CSLEA members in a discrimination complaint in which a department was ordered to reinstate the members to active duty and issue them back pay, benefits and interest,
  • co-sponsored legislation that reclassifies public safety dispatchers and communications operators as first responders,
  • filed a grievance that resulted in mileage reimbursements and per diems for some seasonal lifeguards,
  • continued its push for peace officer powers for California Science Center Museum Security Officers,
  • conducted site representation classes to inform members of their rights,
  • won favorable ruling in Los Angeles County Superior Court for  a Writ of Mandate requiring the California Department of State Hospitals (DSH) to comply with the Public Safety Officers’ Procedural Bill of Rights (POBR) and allow a DSH Investigator to review and respond to adverse comments maintained in so-called confidential files.

“In addition to the above, your union is available to you with just one phone call or email,” said CSLEA President Barcelona.  “While you might decide to bring an issue or concern to the attention of a site representative first, our five attorneys are always available to you.  They are familiar with your jobs, know your supervisors and have a positive working relationship with labor relation officers.  Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to our Board of Directors, our attorneys, or our staff.”


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