CSLEA and CalHR Enter into Side Letter for Additional Pay for Deputy State Fire Marshals

At the bargaining table last year, CSLEA and its affiliate representatives made compelling arguments on necessary pay increases for a number of Unit 7 classifications due to ongoing unfilled vacancies. In addition to the General Salary Increases (GSI) of 8% furnished to the entire bargaining unit over the life of the contract, CSLEA was able to negotiate Special Salary Adjustments (SSA) for a number of Unit 7 classifications.

Yesterday, CSLEA and CalHR entered in to two side letters to be incorporated into the existing collective bargaining agreement which will provide a pay differential in the amount of 10% of base salary for Deputy State Fire Marshal (9086), Deputy State Fire Marshal III (9013) and State Fire Marshal Trainee (8980)  employed by the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. CSLEA and CalHR also agreed to an additional 10% geographic differential for employees in the above classifications who are employed in Alameda and Los Angeles Counties and the City of Santa Rosa.

The increase will take effect July 1, 2017 and will be processed as soon as practicable by the State Controller’s Office.

Kasey Christopher Clark

Chief Counsel/General Manager


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