Legal Representation Committee

The CSLEA Legal Representation Committee (LRC) is comprised of five (5) CSLEA members (1 Chairperson and 4 Committee members) who are appointed by the CSLEA President. 

CSLEA Chief Legal Counsel serves as an advisor to the Committee.

In accordance with the CSLEA Constititution and Standing Rules, the LRC meets periodically to evaluate grievances to determine whether to authorize the costs of arbitration.

The factors considered by the LRC in determining whether to authorize arbitration are the following:

  • likelihood of success
  • impact of favorable collective bargaining interpretation
  • CSLEA policy
  • effect on ongoing bargaining
  • benefits to be achieved
  • impact of unfavorable decision
  • potential of future settlement
  • the costs of arbitration

Pursuant to the Dills Act and the case law intrepeting the Act, the LRC is obligated to evaluate each case consistent with its duty of fair representation. The LRC cannot arbitrarily and capriciously refuse to authorize arbitration which means there must exist some rational basis for refusal, likelihood of success does not justify the costs of arbitration. 

The LRC also hears appeals from members who have been denied legal representation by the staff of CSLEA Legal. Pursuant to the CSLEA Standing Rules, adverse decisions of the LRC are subject to discretionary review by the CSLEA Executive Committee.”


Committee Chair

Al Cardwood
President ASA-DOJ

Committee Members


Shawn Fry
President ACE

Luis Jimenez
President HPAC


George Tiongson
President CAFDI

Daren Watkins
President FMESA

Committee Advisor
Kasey_Portrait-1Kasey Christopher Clark
Chief Legal Counsel – CSLEA


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