DOJ Agents & Kern County Deputies Seize 124 Illegal Gambling Machines

BAKERSFIELD –  After receiving citizen complaints about possible illegal activity taking place in and around some businesses in the Bakersfield area, on March 27, 2107, California Department of Justice (DOJ) special agents teamed with Kern County Sheriff’s deputies to conduct an enforcement operation in the Oildale, east Bakersfield, and south Bakersfield areas.

The DOJ Bureau of Gambling Control agents and sheriff’s deputies targeted 13 businesses and seized 124 illegal gambling machines – eight of them described as Fishing gambling machines and 116 described as computer gambling machines.  The agents and deputies also seized about $2,000.

“Illegal gambling operations can lead to the decline of the quality of life in surrounding neighborhoods and is often associated with other crimes,” said California Statewide Law Enforcement Association (CSLEA) President Alan Barcelona.   “When DOJ agents partner with local law enforcement officers, much can be accomplished.”

Agents and deputies identified several employees in their investigation, but no arrests have been made.   The investigation into the illegal gambling operations continues.

Neighbors’ complaints lead to enforcement at suspected gambling sites


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