ASA-DOJ President Welcomes 8 New Special Agents at DOJ Training Center in Rancho Cordova


RANCHO CORDOVA – On March 9, 2017, eight new California Department of Justice (DOJ) special agents attending the DOJ Advance Training Center in Rancho Cordova received a lesson in “career insurance” and why it’s so vital to have, from Special Agent Supervisor and President of the Association of Special Agents- Department of Justice (ASA-DOJ) President Al Cardwood.

“Special agents coming in new to the Department of Justice are focused on their training, pure and simple,” said Cardwood.   “I take a minute to shine a broader spotlight, to share my experience in law enforcement and as a special agent and explain to them why they should always have a legal defense fund on their side.  No one plans to ever use it, but we all know, in law enforcement, situations occasionally arise.  Everything happens in a split second and if for some reason, it should go sideways, you want your association and its attorneys by your side, from beginning to end of whatever you may find yourself being questioned about.”

Cardwood welcomed the special agents to their new positions, to ASA-DOJ, the California Statewide Law Enforcement Association (CSLEA) and the Fraternal Order of Police.  As members of these associations, the special agents have access to an attorney 24/7, receive a basic $15,000 life insurance plan, an exclusive membership discounts program, scholarship opportunities and more.

Also in attendance from CSLEA, were Membership Services Representatives George Pina and Marco Castro.



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