ABC Agents Arrest 62 at Hard Summer Music Festival 2017

SAN BERNARDINO –  This year’s “Hard Summer Music Festival” in Devore attracted more than 77,000 people August 5-6th, but not everyone walked away the same way they came in.  More than 100 were arrested for various offenses, including 62 people arrested by California Alcoholic Beverage Control Agents for alcohol or drug violations.

“Enforcing alcoholic beverage control laws at very large venues contributes to the overall safety of those attending,” said California Statewide Law Enforcement Association (CSLEA) Alan Barcelona.  “Agents worked in conjunction with San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies, who made additional arrests, to remove those breaking the law.”

Arrests made at the festival included those for public intoxication, outstanding warrants, and possession and sales of narcotics.

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